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To find your path in the world, first you have to get to know the world. You have to understand how the Universe works. If you have had enough of being only a sufferer of your own life, let's have a change. How? You cannot get to know the world without knowing yourself. That which is outside is like that which is inside. That which is below is like that which is above. Learn what happens to you and why! Let's get to know yourself! The epigraph on the Delphic Oracle was: Gnothi seauton! Get to know thyself! We can choose several ways to reach the Final Aim. Lélekzet teach-in can help you on your way.



It is an exciting journey into the internal so that outer can become visible easily. Lélekzet for me is the development of our souls step by step. Every lecture, therapy or course is a stop on the path of our spiritual development that takes us closer to the understanding of the world, the Universe, the miracles and to ourSELF.


Have a great journey!


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 Andrea Rózsás

Cultural Manager; Organizer and Founder of Lélekzet Teach-in; Founder of The House of the Soul(Lélekzet); IET ® Master-Instructor; Spiritual Self-knowledge Trainer ; Certified Sound- and Vibration Therapist.


Everything is energy



The ancient traditions looked at the Universe as Oneness, whereas the way of thinking of people in the West is based on separation. Our body is not a separated machine. You cannot separate your body from your feelings, thoughts and environment. We are a unity of body, soul and spirit. Our body is surrounded by an energy field, it is the morphogenetic or body field or Akasha as it is known in ezoteric circles. This is a field/library where all our imprints can be found. Everything that has ever happened to us has an imprint here, everything is noted down in this field and keep influancing our lives until we clean it. From 1920  the morphogenetic field became the main idea of biology that searches evolution. We cannot understand human evolution without it. Every human being develops from one single cell. But how does this cell know what to turn into? These questions have inspired science and led it to field-theories. The human body is an energy field. According to quantumphysics not the material but intelligent energy field is primary. Everything is energy. 








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