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Motto: Love and serve

I channelled this wonderful method which we do on a monthly basis at each fullmoon, guided by my intuition. The ritual is free, it can be done from anywhere and anyone can do it. Use this wonderful energy!


People are fighting countinously with their neighbours, with their bosses, with their children, with the postman...with themselves. War is fight. The struggle againts war remains fight. LOVE is the only power which is able to win without any fight.

Offer 5 minutes for PEACE and send the energy of LOVE.

Everybody counts! You too!





Please feel free and do this lovesending according to your faith. For example:  you can meditate alone or in groups or if you are a Christian please say a prayer  ...however you like. What matters is only LOVE and that we send it together.

If you can understand Hungarian please listen to the ORLO meditation on the Hungarian SZervezett Szeretetküldés page.

Short meditation:

Light a candle and an incense if you like. Sit comfortably and put your awerness to your breathing: breath out and in deeply, out, in, out, in.... When your mind is calmed and you are relaxed please think about someone whom you really love. Feel the joy and feel how love is filling your heart which is spreading inside of you. Experience the light coming from your inner source, fill yourself with this pure, unconditioned love. Feel how it is spreading inside of you clearing all your pain. Feel that this uncondtioned love is wrapping you like a blanket. When you are filled enough with this energy please send the rest of this pure love to those people who fight in a war or around you. See it in your inner vision how this wonderful LIGHT and LOVE hug them and fill their energy field. Experience how great to GIVE and serve. Experience it for some minutes, live it and then put your awareness back to your physical body, move your legs and arms and slowly open your eyes.

You made a wonderful job! Be proud of you! Thank you for helping




Andrea Rozsas.


Join us at Facebook "Angyali energiagyógyászat"! 

I am happy to share that many people formed into groups to take part in ORganised LOvesending. It's a great idea!


Next Date:

6. September 2017 Time: 8 p.m ( local time)

E-mail: andrea@lelekzethaz.hu



ORganised LOvesending Messages


" The Light is inside you."  We admitted LIGHT into our heart. - ORLO 6.: 5. Január 2015.


"Propone to be transparent and the ancient wisdom will happen:  That which is below is like that which is above. " - ORLO 9. : 4 April 2015. 


"We are able to see. It is a new beggining" - ORLO 14. : 29. August 2015. 



 ORLO15. 28. September 2015.:


We are shifting and expanding, stepping over our lines,
FREEDOM is waiting for us, after releasing the cord of the mind.
Life force as an enormous power is pulsing inside you
Embrace the Earth with all the people - ORganised LOvesending invite you!
You fulfilled your mission now but it is not the end,
Cooperation as a new tool shifting you over this experience.
The Sun is being cleaned, the sky is opening and through the cleaned Sungate the NEW Heavenly Help Crew pouring.
You see them shining in turquoise  light.

They are coming to help us who are stucked here,
They are coming to save us who alone can't escape from here.
We are closed in a Black Hole, in fight and war
We live our lives at the bottom of this deep-deep black hole.


Humanity AWAKEN! Heal yourself and shine!
Not to be covered by darkness when the Heavenly crew arrives.
Empower the GOOD, the BEAUTY, the TRUTH inside,
Because Heaven can connect to those, who are bright.
Step out from the mud
Clean as much as you can
Hurry up as the New Heavenly Helpers Crew are coming to our

Andrea Rozsas















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